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What is a Box Scheme?

Box schemes are spawned out of community supported agriculture or CSA. CSA's originating from Japan, with the purpose of decreasing the reliance on imported food and placing a focus on consuming organic food from local farms, a CSA Box Scheme is a way you can support a local farmer and build a stronger, healthier food system. It is an exciting and easy way to eat incredibly fresh food AND know exactly where your food comes from. By signing up for Box Scheme you are securing your access to fresh local produce and helping the farmer by sharing in the benefits and challenges of farming.

How does our Mushroom Box Scheme work?

Our basic box schemes start as a 250g box of mushrooms. Members wishing to purchase larger quantities of mushroom i.e., 500g or 1kg or more, you will simply increase their order quantities before checking out. Each unit is equal to 250g.


Member subscriptions are prepaid for fortnightly deliveries of mushrooms for either; 3, 6 or 9 month subscriptions. The seasonal delicacies are picked fresh and available for collection from the farm .

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited number of Box Scheme memberships available.

Restaurants, business, or group of friends who would like to purchase in bulk, sign up for our commercial Box Schemes.

How do I receive my tasty Mushrooms?

Our one off orders will be freshly picked and packed in our recycled cardboard boxes and available to pick up from the farm on select days. A time can be made after you place your order. 


Non Box Scheme orders, Commercial Orders and Special orders, will be made available for pick-up at our farm on select days.


Do I have to join the Box Scheme to enjoy your delicious vitals?

Not at all. Obviously, the best pricing and convenience will be delivered though our Box Scheme program, but Non Box Scheme orders = one at a time, trials, and samplers. This could be a great way to get to know us and our products. See if a Box Scheme is for you or perhaps sample these amazing locally grown delights for the first-time.

Just remember, We are small farm so one off orders maybe subject to availability and will be available for pickup at the farm or selected Box Scheme pick-up points. Orders must be placed by the Sunday before week you wish for delivery.   

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited number of Box Scheme memberships available.  One off mushrooms orders are on offer but subject to availability.

What happens if there is a shortage of Box Scheme Memberships or shares?

In the event, Box Scheme memberships or shares are low from one week to another, members impacted by the shortage will be notified and deliveries will adjusted to fulfill any outstanding orders until your exact share are fulfilled.

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