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SCM Winter CSA

Sporadical City Mushrooms is super excited to offer our mushroom loving locals a limited number of Winter Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships. 


Each fortnight you can come to the Alphington farm to receive a 250gm or 500g mixed box of freshly harvested Pleurotus Ostreatus & Pulmonarus (Oyster mushrooms) including Winter whites, Tan, Monster blues, Shimeji, Greys and Phoenix. 


You will also have access to a free farm tour taking place mid-winter and on-site purchasing of specialty items such as our 100% plant-based ‘Umami Bomb’ XO sauce, ‘Heavenly - melt in your mouth’ Mushroom Confit, Soothing Smoked Mushroom broth, and, if you have a little home veggie patch, our soil loving Mycelium mulch. 


We are a small farm and managing energy and quality while minimising waste is important to us. A CSA allows us to produce what we need within a reasonable threshold while providing you with the freshest delicacies you just won't find anywhere else. 


Featured winter mushies  

Winter whites  - Snow white in colour and a milder flavour, this is a fairly dense mushroom that holds up well in stir frys or omelettes. They absorb flavours well whilst maintaining their own earthy characteristics.   

Tans  - Tan Oyster mushrooms have a very subtle anise flavour which makes them work really well in Asian cooking, particularly fragrant curries and noodle salads.

Shimeji Oyster - Shimeji mushrooms are known for their intense umami flavour, delivering savoury, nutty tones to your dishes. They go particularly well with soft tofu and can have a slight crunchy texture. They are also very delicious pan-fried and tossed through a salad. 

Monster Blues  - Glorious to look at and just as tasty, Monster blues are delicious on a veggie kebab or tossed through pasta. They also make a delicious stock base for a hearty wintery soup.

Greys - Grey oyster mushrooms lend themselves well to a garlicky pan-fry and make a fantastic toast topper for a special Sunday breakfast (or any day that you are lucky enough to have these in your fridge). 

Phoenix - Mild and sweet with dense flesh, these oyster mushrooms pair well with fish and suit lighter dishes like risotto or brothy soups. 

Order Now!

Farm pick up only - Fortnightly 12pm - 5.30pm Tuesday. 2 Wingrove St Alphington. 

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