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We pride ourselves on our commitment to cultivating the finest Oyster Mushrooms, Lions Mane, and Shiitake Mushrooms with a strong focus towards zero-waste while building and strengthening a circular economy. In doing so, we ensure that our mushrooms are not only flavorful but also environmentally friendly. By maintaining a limited production to align with the scale of our farm, we guarantee the integrity of our final product and consistently offer only the freshest mushrooms.


Our ever popular plant-based Oyster Mushroom XO sauce will leave your mouth wanting more. With a mild-medium heat level, this seriously delicious and versatile sauce is the perfect accompaniment to any savoury dish needing a little somethin’ somethin’. Made in house, with oyster mushrooms.

SCM_OMGConfit_jar (1).png

Perfection in a jar. Our indulgent OMG Confit is made with oyster mushrooms that are gently cooked in velvety olive oil, with fresh herbs. You’ll find us eating it directly from the jar, adding it to an antipasto platter, stacking it on pizzas, or stirring it through a simple pasta with some parsley and pecorino.

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