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Cultivating in modular farm units in an urban area means that we can build our farm incrementally, growing high yields of gourmet fungi in under-utilised spaces with a small footprint.

With our production based in Naarm (Melbourne), we offer a farm-to-fork option for our local community. Reducing excess CO2, packaging & cutting out the middle man, our mushrooms are picked fresh & for purpose.

Cultivating a variety of edible fungus for our community in controlled spaces means that we can have a steady yield , ensuring a highly nutritious food source is available all-year-round.

We believe in education & skill sharing. Sharing knowledge around fungi helps connect communities to agriculture, their local ecology and build an open learning culture.

Our ‘towards zero waste’ philosophy has helped shape our business and continues to lead us to exciting collaborations which promote a healthier business through circular solutions, benefiting our community and planet.

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