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Our Story

Sporadical City Mushrooms is a small urban mushroom farm growing delicious seasonal fungus for the Melbourne community. Inspired by our love for fresh local food and fungus we started farming in our little carport in Carlton in 2018. From there we began supplying local restaurants and households with exceptionally fresh mushrooms grown using organic methods. 

Working towards our goal of zero waste urban farming for our community, we feel that cities have a much bigger role to play in feeding themselves and that small scale farming and local food systems are essential for food security & sovereignty, a healthy environment and the future of our community and the planet.

About Us: Our Farm


Julia Laidlaw

I am a farmer who loves healthy and delicious food and I believe we can change the world for the better just by the food choices we make.

As a farmer, I have always loved growing great food and have had the pleasure of working on farming projects all around the world. When I returned to Melbourne’s inner city with my 2 kids I knew that my passion for growing food would find a way and our little urban farm was started soon after in our tiny backyard in Carlton in 2018. 

Demand grew quickly for my delicious seasonal oyster mushrooms and so when the opportunity for growth presented itself, we took the leap into the unknown and our Alphington Farm was born. 

Our mission is to continue to grow our business responsibly, continue moving to become a zero-waste company, while continuing to advocate for local farming and a fair and healthy local food system.

About Us: Meet the Team
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