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Mushrooms You’ll Love

Wholesome Products Straight from the Farm


Enjoy our Mushrooms by the box.

The best way to enjoy our freshly picked mushrooms at a great price is by signing up for our 3 month, 6 month or 9 month supply of mushroom boxes. 


By buying directly from a local farmer you are guaranteeing yourself access to the freshest and most delicious mushrooms while minimising your ecological food print and investing in your local economy and food security. This is called Community Supported Agriculture or CSA for short.


We are a small farm and managing energy and quality while minimising waste is important to us,  a CSA allows us to produce what we need within a reasonable threshold while providing you with the freshest delicacies you just won't find anywhere else. 


When you sign up for our monthly supplies you become a CSA member. In the CSA you’re prepaying for fortnightly (or weekly if you’re keen ;-) delivery of mushrooms for either 3, 6, or 9 months. The seasonal delicacies are picked fresh, packed in a compostable box and then delivered to a pick up point in your community. A CSA membership also guarantees you discounts on other selected products and events.


Of course one off purchases are very welcome but subject to availability as we are only a little farm.


We work with other great local foodies so at different food points you can also buy veggies, honey, coffee amongst other goods -  check out the links below…

The Flying Zucchinis

Raf Times Reservoir 

Healthy Fresh Food Boxes

Learn more about SCM'S amazing products by giving us a call or stopping by.

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